Monday, March 29, 2021

An Ode to Mental Health

 Slice open my thumb; wash, clean and bandage.

Anxiety, depression - why ignore?

Invisible pain causes more damage.

My brain deserves ease; I aim to do more.

Some wake up happy; I must work for joy.

Daily meditation. Purposeful love.

Medication. Therapy. Need it all.

Today, I praise all the steps I employ.

Done handling mental health with kid gloves.

Bravely able to finally stand tall. 


  1. POWERFUL - and so true - it would be so good for so many people to read this or at least be inspired by its message. Brave and strong - good for you! Thank you for sharing this - it's important.

  2. Yes!!!! Why do people think our brain is not part of our body?! It needs care, exercise, training, and sometimes medicine, just like all the other parts. Especially when it's hurt or sick, which it can be, just like all the other parts. Therapy saved me 6 years ago and I so wish it was more normalized... and it can be, if we share like you are!

  3. Keep at it! Your writing shows so much courage and awareness. I know both sides of not being able to stand tall and then the time when the stars align and depression retreats. It's good to know that there is another side.

  4. "Invisible pain causes more damage." I appreciate the courage it takes to write about the invisible pain. The bloody stuff I don't want to picture. The inner anguish tears at me, but I don't skip over. How can we support you?

  5. Congratulations! I love this line: Bravely able to finally stand tall.



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