Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Car Love

     In order to avoid taking time off work for doctor's appointments, I try to schedule as many as possible over my breaks. Currently, I am on Spring Break, so instead of sleeping in I woke up early for a morning appointment. I have never been to this specific office, and it's about 25 miles away.  I wanted to make sure I left early enough in case I took a wrong turn or traffic was bad. 

    Let me back up and share that I bought a new Volkswagen Atlas last summer. However, I haven't really had a chance to drive my new ride. Even in a pre-Covid world, I hardly ever drive. I live directly across the street from where I teach, so my commute involves walking. Prior to the Atlas, I drove a van for six years and when I traded it in, it only had 42,000 miles on it (thanks to drives from Ohio to Florida). We even joked that I should just buy a golf cart instead of an SUV. 

    While on my drive to my appointment this morning, it occurred to me how much I love driving the Atlas. I've never loved driving a car before. I've enjoyed the convenience (side note: why is convenience so hard for me to remember how to spell?) of previous vehicles, but nothing has ever stood out about the feel of driving one. This morning I could feel the wheels on the pavement as I zipped down the freeway. I really noticed the true feel of driving the Atlas when on exit ramps. It handles turns with such ease. I used to laugh when I would hear people say that about their car, but I completely understand how that statement now feels. 

    I arrived at my appointment with plenty of time to spare. I put on my mask and happily headed up the elevator to meet my new spine doctor. 

    "I'm sorry ma'am. Your appointment was rescheduled for next Tuesday at 9am. Didn't someone call you to let you know?" the receptionist hesitantly asked.

    "Ummm...nope," I semi-kindly replied while being thankful the innocent receptionist couldn't see all of my facial expressions behind my mask. 

    While I left very disappointed that I wasn't able to get neck injections this morning, I was happy that at least I enjoy driving my car. 


  1. 82 mph...

    Just hope that wasn't around the turns. I feel the need... for speed!
    I love it! Glad you have the car you want, maybe a sports car one day?

  2. These are moments of real life! And hey...you enjoyed the ride!

  3. Having a car you love changes driving from a task to a pleasure. It's like using the perfect pen or having the perfect book at hand to lend someone. I hope you are relatively pain free, despite the delay.



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