Sunday, March 28, 2021

Dinner Disappointment


"Are you okay if I make grilled chicken for dinner?" 

"Sure," I hesitantly tell my husband.

A few hours later, we decided that we were too tired for a home cooked meal. UberEats to the rescue. I think. I honestly don't remember what we had for dinner. I just know we didn't have grilled chicken.


"Do you just want to grab a late lunch and do late night dinner?

"But what about the grilled chicken?" I ask.

"Let's have it for dinner tomorrow."

"Sure," I excitedly tell my husband.

We settled on a mid-afternoon lunch of Chick-Fil-A and a late night pizza. 


"We're doing grilled chicken for dinner tonight, right?" 

"Sure," my husband confirms.

We were both starving and ready for a much needed home cooked meal. My mouth was watering as the scent of the chicken wafted through the air. After about five bites each, my husband looked at me and says, "this chicken isn't very good is it?"


"Want me to go to Dairy Queen and get hot fudge sundaes?" he asks.

"Sure," I say suddenly not disappointed by the passed over chicken. 


  1. Sorry it was terrible. The chicken was just funk. But you make everything better. Just saying!

  2. Sometimes chicken just gets the boot! We were supposed to have Sheet Pan Fajitas tonight, but someone (that would be me) forgot to thaw out the chicken. So tomorrow it is!
    BTW, I'm reading Miss Benson's Beetle and I made Mrs. Field's Chocolate Chip Cookies. The nap was grand and the day satisfying on all counts.

  3. When given the choice of a hot fudge sundae... :)



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