Monday, March 22, 2021

Unrequited Love

Squirrels leap and scurry, happy for spring.
Waking from a winter slumber they stretch.
In my yard, easy to find nuts they fetch.
Watching in awe, like Snow White I might sing.

Dreaming of a day they will freely cling.
Hoping my initials in trees they etch.
I sit, stare and in my notebook I sketch.
When they run from me, my heart feels a zing.

Intentions pure, only wanting to pet.
Fluffy tail, tiny nose my heart quicken.
Will today be the day my dreams come true?

Gentle touch only, I swear I'm no threat.
Scampering away, my heart is stricken.
For now, you're my minions and I your Gru.


  1. Oh my dear Disney Princess... Maybe time for you to sing to them?

  2. A squirrel sonnet. Not only is this incredibly clever, but HOLY COW what an amazing job you did with the structure here. I've never taken on the sonnet, as I've always been too intimidated about keeping the rhyme structure. But you have me inspired - maybe I'll give it a go sometime. And yes, I only wish that I could hang with a squirrel. They seem fun. The closest I've gotten is when my son had chinchillas.

  3. I love following the story of your poem ... I have gotten birds to feed from my hand but never a squirrel. He looks like he's thinking about it.

  4. Snow White and Gru, quicken/stricken, a story told all the way through.



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