Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Deductive Reasoning

     One week let until Spring Break and I am feeling on edge. I can't quite put my finger on what is causing this feeling. Is it:

  • the six IEPs I've written in the last three weeks?
  • collecting IEP progress monitoring during remote learning? 
  • sitting in staff meetings about upcoming, in-person state testing?
  • IT band pain causing me to pause my daily run?
  • teenage hormones?
  • shoulder/spine pain?
  • trying a new med, which turned me into a dizzy zombie?
  • the fact that our weather has bounced between 25 degrees and 66 degrees in the last few weeks?
  • teaching multi-sensory reading instruction in a remote environment? 
  • the dogs constantly barking at all things nature?
    While I'm sure my angst is a combination of all of the above, I had an aha moment after a conversation with my 10 year old yesterday. 

Me: What time will your dad be here?
10 year old: Uhhh...6 minutes, no I mean 3 minutes or maybe it's 7 minutes.
Me: What time did he say he would be here?
10 year old: 30 minutes
Me: When did he text you that?
10 year old: He'll be here in 4 minutes, so 30 minus 4 is 26.
Me: What???

    Over the last year, it seems that all major decisions in life have been decided using the same deductive reasoning as my ten year old. Here's hoping that as more people get vaccinated, decisions in life won't be seem as complicated as this conversation with my son. 


  1. Hang in there - your Spring Break is almost here and you’ll be able to put Deductive Reasoning aside for a brief while

  2. That conversation with you son - oh my gosh. I can relate. It is almost like the Monty Python's Holy Grail scene, "Blue. No, yel-- auuuuuuuugh!" Hang in there.

  3. This is the kind of post I was looking for. I am with you. There are so many things that are putting me on edge and I'm having trouble finding patience in situations that I would normally find amusing. Your ten year old sounds like fun. Have a great Spring Break!



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