Friday, March 26, 2021

Random Chaos

    Like most humans and pets in the mid-west part of the United States, I am exhausted today. The howling winds kept me up all night. I had every intention of organizing my desk before I signed off for Spring Break. However, I'm too tired to find new homes for the chaos that has become my desk. 

    In looking around my desk, to see if there is anything I could easily rehome, I realized my desk would make me really lucky if I were ever on a game show. I remember watching a game show as a kid, and at the end the host would give away money to people with random objects in their purses. My desk is one giant cluster of random. 

1. Liquid band-aid: Because I just never know when the 10 year old will slice his thumb open on a can of Spaghetti-O's while I'm trying to teach in a Google Meet. 

2. Thought bubble head band: Because I can't read your thought bubble. 

3. Pickle Christmas tree ornament: Because who doesn't have a random ornament from 3 months ago still laying around? 

4. Tiny horses: Thanks SNL. 

5. Stuffed nerve: A gentle reminder to my family not to get on my last nerve. *Bonus points for the rechargeable handwarmer because Four Seasons rooms aren't typically used as a home office.*


  1. You desk is a living testament to a busy life.

  2. Haha you never know when all of those things will come in handy! Who has time to stop and organize?

  3. I understand what you mean. If there were a contest for a collection of random water bottles, my wife would be all over that. Best of luck to you on your spring break. Sorry that your husband is such a slacker.

  4. That is quite the random collection. I bet each item could have a slice of its own. Enjoy Spring Break!



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